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The person who was interviewed to comply with the requirements of the current discourse is a chaplain in a hospital. To be consistent with ethical protocols, the interviewee asked personal information not to be disclosed.


To initiate the interview, one asked how an individual gets to be a chaplain in a health care setting; of which, he responded by saying that there is fact a credentialing organization with specifically identified background to qualify. He noted having actually pursued required units for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and to secure a license from the National Association of Catholic Chaplains and the Association of Professional Chaplains. One immediately verified the information from the Chaplain Services, Inc. which confirmed the veracity and reliability of the statements (Chaplain Services, Inc., 2012). As such, Rev. RVM revealed that as a chaplain, his basic responsibilities include the provision of spiritual care to patients, and even to their relatives, who seek upliftment and guidance, especially in trying moments. Likewise, in some special instances, as chaplain, Rev. RVM also disclosed that his responsibilities could include provision of spiritual care to the staff (employees and managers) who seek his spiritual advice to address disturbing and distressing concerns. His responses regarding expectations of people who are dying; request for final preparations; as well as dealing with knowing that death is imminent are presented in the following sections. ...
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