Healing and Spirituality

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The concept of healing originates from the Anglo-Saxon word haelen which can be translated to mean making whole. This can be understood as the creation of harmony between mind, body and spirit.


Conversely, some patients may be cured but they may not feel healed, for instance a breast cancer patient may still find herself grieving about her situation despite going into remission. The main aim of healing hospitals is to enhance harmony of a patient’s mind, body and spirit (Marberry, 2006).. With this in mind it is necessary to create an environment that reduces the patient’s anxiety, stress and which can positively impact on the patient’s health and steer him or her towards recovery. The concept of healing the healing hospital is based on three main components namely; the physical environment, the integration of technology and work design and a caring and loving culture. The physical environment refers to the patient’s general surrounding in the cause of the illness. This includes the people around the patient and the nature of the room. A good physical environment is one that makes the patient comfortable and less anxious. ). A noisy and confused environment increases the patient’s anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure which slow down the healing process. A renowned medical scholar, Florence Nightingale, suggested that the best environment that supports healing is on e that is quite and allows the patient access to natural lighting and fresh air. ...
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