Electronic medical record implementation in correctional facilities

Electronic medical record implementation in correctional facilities Assignment example
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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Electronic Medical Record Implementation in Correctional Facilities Change implementation strategy As in the past, most organizations view any slightest change with different perceptions. The worst of all is the electronic system change, which is in most cases considered by employees as a transition to deprive them opportunities.


Despite the employees’ resistance to change, the significance of assessable and consistent medical records continues to be the main goal of most health care and correctional facilities. Therefore, with respect to this organization, employees should appreciate the necessity for implementation of the electronic medical records. Key strategies to successfully plan and implement electronic medical records In order to avoid major transitional challenges associated with the electronic medical system in correctional facilities, System innovators are expected to adopt creativity and consistent trials until they successfully overcome the challenges. A number of key strategies to be laid forward include; Selling the opportunity to the correctional facility leaders as a way of influencing them to adapt system change, physicians and other departmental heads should be approached with a considerate attempt and subdue them about the importance of the electronic change. This is considered easier to drive as compared to lower ranking practitioners who may not foresee significant concern on the electronic per-se. ...
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