Study Proposal for Lifespan Development. Child Abuse

Study Proposal for Lifespan Development. Child Abuse Research Proposal example
Research Proposal
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Instances and intensity of child molestation have seen a radical increase in the recent years, especially faced by girls during early ages, with statistics ranging from 7 to 45% of females (Siegal et al., 1987).


Due to high frequency of occurrences and the significance of impact created by child abuse over lifespan development of victims, it is essential to conduct a research study focusing on this hypothesis and an experiment to identify interdependence between said variables.
Study design
This hypothesis can be tested by using the twin-study method and analysing relationship between biological twins who might have suffered from child abuse (Dinwiddie et al., 2000). This study will involve a comparative analysis between children who demonstrate presence of abusive experiences and other non-victimized children. The experiment will examine personal attributes owned by targets of child abuse. It shall be vital to clarify with sampled children that child abuse may or may not involve physical force and coercion. The intensity of abuse shall also be studied to evaluate how different behavioral symptoms, shown during the subsequent period of life cycle, are directly related to unfortunate events that occurred during early childhood. A contrast shall be designed, based on lifespan development sciences, between twins who claim to have gone through child abuse and other children who have no relevant history. Moreover, detailed assessment shall be carried out within members of same-sex twin pairs suffering from sexually abusive experiences. ...
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