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Chronic Schizophrenia with Co-Morbidity as Large Bowel Obstruction

Chronic Schizophrenia with Co-Morbidity as Large Bowel Obstruction

Thus, collectively, co-morbid conditions affect a patient’s life, implying that both conditions should be cared for in equal measure according to their seriousness. The care in this sense goes beyond the conventional medical models of investigating diseases; rather more emphasis is laid on promoting patient health and wellness. The health care needs arising due to co-morbidity make it imperative that nurses play their roles and undertake their responsibilities to meet and exceed client expectations. In the recent past, a lot of studies have been conducted to examine single co-morbidities with schizophrenia. Notably, most of these studies have been done on small and unrepresentative samples. In other words, many of these studies have failed to take a broader approach to the subject of the schizophrenia with single co-morbidities, instead focusing on the testing of hypotheses. Nonetheless, there are a few cases of studies, which have explored thousands of discharge records from hospitals to ascertain the proportional morbidity ratios. Although many studies show that approximately 45% of co-morbidity is accounted for by behavior-related and psychiatric diagnoses. Studies also reveal that those diagnosed with schizophrenia and those with similar diagnosis in their families report that other diagnoses precede or follow schizophrenia diagnosis. ...
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Co-morbidity refers to a situation in which a patient is diagnosed with two or more medical conditions. That is, these conditions are suspected or diagnosed after the initial diagnosis has been done…
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