Identify barriers to cultural competence and note ways that the nurse can improve the nurse-patient and nurse-family relationshi

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Cultural Competence in Nursing Cultural competence is very important in the field of nursing since nurses serve as the advocates of patients. Nurses are taught to protect the dignity and safeguard the rights of the patients. With the increasing globalization and growing multiculturalism in the society, the need for cultural competence in nurses has never been stronger.


The process of learning the traits of the local culture starts right from birth. As they grow up, nurses assimilate into their indigenous culture that can have a profound effect on the way they interact with the patients as well as the way they operate in the health care system. Cultural competence essentially means the ability to deal with the differences of beliefs, opinions, values, and practices grounded in cultural differences in an articular manner so that the quality of work is enhanced and conflicts are deterred. Barriers to cultural competence of nurses include but are not limited to discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping, racism, lack of awareness, and lack of language proficiency. Certain barriers are overtly noticeable such as lack of language competency because the nurse cannot communicate with the other person while other barriers are hidden such as lack of awareness of the belief systems of different cultures. In certain situations, nurses display a lack of sensitivity even without any intention to offend the other person. This lack of sensitivity is grounded in nurses’ lack of awareness of the different sets of beliefs and norms that comprise different cultures. ...
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