Term Paper: Country with High Mortality Rates (1250 words min).

Term Paper: Country with High Mortality Rates (1250 words min). Term Paper example
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Introduction: Whereas it might be convenient to select a nation that experiences a relatively high level of human development, growth or low mortality rates, those nations that struggle within the world system are the more appropriate cases to focus upon due to the fact that a thorough analysis of the metrics that contribute to their hardships allows the reader/stakeholder to pinpoint those issues that can be leveraged as a means of ameliorating their respective hardships.


Geography Located on what is called the “Horn of Africa”, Somalia occupies a tropical/arid region in which a relatively low rainfall inhibits the overall level to which crops or other food can be raised. Although the nation is capable of supporting its own population, continual war and the fluctuations of climate have made this all but impossible. Population: With a total area of over 500,000 square kilometers, the nation is quite large; however, it only boasts a population of under 10 million individuals; due in no small part to the issues of public health and low mortality rates due to decades of war and continued violence; both ethnic and religious. Government: Due to the fact that the nation has experienced decades of violence and civil war, there has been no central/federal government which has been able to direct the affairs of the nation. ...
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