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Advanced Nursing Ethics and Values Name of Student Course Title Date of Submission A. Introduction Contemporary realities, such as diverse worldviews and technological and scientific progress, make it necessary for nurses to take into consideration the major ethical issues in their personal and professional lives.


These topics are applied to the case of Mrs. Z, who is diagnosed with breast cancer but refuses to take additional treatment and disclose her medical condition to her family. This paper analyzes the ethical dilemma inherent in the case and how can the healthcare team resolve this through the application of ethical theories and principles in nursing. B. Justify the Importance of Ethical Theory to Nursing The key role of theories is to provide individuals with a worldview or perspective which may guide them in identifying, describing, explaining, or predicting phenomenon or formulating measures which will facilitate the phenomenon. The competencies that nurses use in the process of ethical decision making are not enough to make appropriate and coherent ethical decision (Lachman, 2012). There are several theories that are drawn upon to help nurses resolve ethical dilemmas. Ethical theories take into account the purpose or motive of the nurse, the techniques exercised by the nurse to carry out the act, and the outcomes of the act. ...
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