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Barriers and Disparities in Health Care Name Course Course Instructor Date Equal healthcare opportunity to all is paramount as far as achievement of healthy life and obtaining comprehensive healthcare services is concerned. Unquestioning relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient is also very significant.


This essay Identifies and explains three barriers and three disparities that currently exist in health care. Barriers to Health care Some of the barriers currently existing in the health care provision include geographic barriers, socioeconomic and cultural barriers. Geographical barriers refer to people living in the rural parts who cannot get quality health care because of insufficient facilities in those regions. Health care facilities in the rural regions are normally understaffed because there is challenge of recruiting the health care providers to work in the rural regions. Rural populations are exposed to numerous geographic and climatic barriers which at times makes the hospitals to be located in rugged terrain which are not easily accessible. There lacks public transportation in the rural areas which hinders populace from receiving health care (Mason, Leavitt & Chaffee, 2006). There is also widespread poverty in rural areas than in the urban settlements. Socioeconomic factors also largely deters adequate provision of quality health care since low income households cannot afford health insurance cover and access the high cost of health care delivery. ...
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