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Name: Course: Theme 1 Lack of adequate clinical data on non-pharmacological aspects relevant to intervention The two emerging themes on non-pharmacological intervention on Type 2 diabetes are insufficient clinical data on the nutriotional aspects of preventing and treating Type 2 diabetes and serious shortfalls in implementing care for type Type 2 diabetes.


Ali (2010, p. 21) mentions that the health department does not have a clinical audit data therefore it is not possible to get information on whether the patients receive the appropriate diabetes care. According to his survey conducted prospectively, it emerged that there are particular moral and ethical issues of concern relating to the end of life care of diabetes. His study covering non-pharmalogical interventions in Type 2 diabetes was carried out over a period of three weeks. Ali issued out questionnaire to fifteen patients that included three teenagers and six male patients and same number of female patients. Ali (2010, p. 34) identified primary prevention measures appear to be the best options for the first time patients. This includes among others, specific assistance to patients to reduce weight, reduction of calories, pharmacotherapy, and increased physical activity. All these options fall under structured lifestyle programs. Whitaker (1987, p. 59) explains in his research that the health department needs to carry out an all-inclusive approach to managing Type 2 diabetes condition. In this method, new mechanisms will involve integration of the community, health policies, and practices when implementing primary prevention strategies. Bernstein (2005, p. ...
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