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Health Value Policy [Name] [University] Health Value Policy Personal values and spiritual beliefs act as the most significant ethical principles (Butts, 2008). My personal values of truth and justice have always positively influenced my nursing career. Nurses are very unique individuals since they need to develop very close relationships with their patients and also because the sole objective of their career is to serve and benefit others.


As per my spiritual beliefs I consider myself strictly accountable to the job, assigning authorities for any on job mishap. Nurses are in charge to carry out all critical operations during one’s treatment and therefore they are also accountable for the on job negligence. Healthcare policies of different institutions not only affect their performance but also influence healthcare providers working for that institution and the society at large. Therefore it is highly significant to formulate such policies which are beneficial for both the institution and the community. Cost, quality and social issues play a very crucial role when it comes to healthcare because ethical principles for nurses are basically judged on these three variables. For instance, justice, beneficence and autonomy (Gelling, 1999) are the most important ethical principles for me being a nurse. However, at times my ethical conduct is greatly challenged by the cost of treatment, the quality of management and existing social issues in a way that justice calls to maintain equal treatment opportunities for every individual (Butts, 2008) but cost of treatment does not always allow that. ...
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