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Nursing Practice Gap: Linking Theory to Practice Name: University: Introduction According to Cody and Kenney (2006), nursing theory is the explanation of scientific phenomena in the field of nursing. As McCaugherty (1991) asserts, nursing theory and practice complement each other since the practice without theory would be guideless, and theory without practice would be useless.


This is important in guaranteeing the quality of nursing practice. Linking theory to practice would also make it easy for nurses to carry out their work in a professional way. Identification of nursing practice area In modern nursing, more nurses and health organisations are finding it necessary to work with the society as a way of improving the way the health services are delivered to the patient. This involves working closely with the family of the patient in order to ensure that the patient is getting the right care. This practice is based on the fact that when a member of the family is sick, the whole family is affected, and the whole family must be taken care of to be able to restore the health of the individual as quickly as possible. Lack of theory Although many healthcare institutions are trying to apply this practice, there is very little theoretical support for the practice. This means that, there is no guidance on how nurses should be able to apply this practice. It also means that, there is no standard template, which can be applied to this practice and this in turn means that individual healthcare institutions will try to implement this in their own different way (Allmark, 1995). ...
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