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Nursing Critical Event Analysis Introduction This reflective essay will be about an event that happened during my first week of placement at a local referral hospital. Christopher John ‘s reflective model is ideal for my essay as it gives a systematic structure that is filled with a number of questions that can assist medical workers to investigate the meaning of different experiences (McClure 2005).


From the resemblance alone, I could tell that the boy was their son. They looked around the room in a confused manner and then stared at my mentor and I. We both began to approach the young family. My mentor turned to the parents and began asking questions about why they were there. At that moment, a noisy group of people entered the emergency room and rushed towards us. The young couple did not answer my mentor’s questions, but turned to the group and began to converse loudly in a foreign tongue. My mentor tried to stop the cacophony but was unable to. The hospital’s security guards strode towards the noisy crowd and began to sternly signal for everybody to remain silent. The young couple which was now at the centre of the small crowd suddenly turned to their small boy who had been silently observing everything, and delicately began to remove his sleeve from his hand. My mentor suddenly reared back in shock and stopped their action by grabbing both of their hands. I craned my neck to see what had upset her and, to my shock, saw a number of purplish blisters across the boy’s arm which is a characteristic of an iron burn. ...
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