Policy Analysis: Diabetes Nursing

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Policy Analysis: Diabetes Nursing Name: Institution: Policy Analysis: Diabetes Nursing Reb’s policy analysis on end-of-life care touches on barriers hindering the effective and successful palliative care. It also highlights the situation in institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes.


Using the same policy, this paper will analyze the related issue in the case study about a patient representing a diagnosis (in this case diabetes). Educators of persons with diabetes act as a lifeline to the patients, and provide crucial insights into self-care behavior that keeps diabetes under control (Huskamp et al, 2001). The educators are represented at the state and federal government level by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). However, due to the challenges pointed out in Reb’s analysis, their effectiveness is not felt in the required measures. The key challenge is the shortage of educators, which is further compounded by the fact that not all the available ones are adequately educated. With the increasing number of diabetics, this means that the few available certified diabetes educators (CDEs) are overworked and do not deliver the expected results. State laws may be implemented to improve the care and education of patients, but the capacity of healthcare professionals must also be improved in tandem with the laws (Mooney, 2000). ...
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