The importance of wound healing in relation to nutrition

The importance of wound healing in relation to nutrition Dissertation example
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Title: The Importance of Wound Healing in Relation to Nutrition Abstract The relationship between nutrition and wound healing has long been established by many researchers and scholars. The potential power of various nutrients (protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, energy sources and hydration) to accelerate or impede wound management has attracted the attention of the health care industry.


The introduction unearths the purpose of the research, reveals the scope and significance of the topic and states the research questions. The literature review of the paper addresses the various factors preventing wound healing, nutritional support in wound healing, phases of wound healing, the list of nutrients that consist of protein, amino acids, antioxidants, energy sources, hydration and other dietary supplements. The literature review also deals with the wound healing and the nutritious requirements of the older population in U.K. A qualitative research methodology is followed and the paper seeks to draw its conclusions from the vast number of literature reviewed. The study identifies the potential power of nutrition in wound management; however, in-depth researches are essential for more authentic research outcomes. The findings of the current research will extremely be useful for the wound management system of the whole of healthcare industry. S.No CONTENTS Page No i I II III IV V Abstract Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Purpose of the Research 1.2. Research questions 1.3. Scope and significance of the study Chapter 2: Literature review 2.1. Wound, malnutrition and nutritional assessment 2.2. Factors preventing wound healing 2.3. ...
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