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Virtual Laboratory and Learning Process (Name) (University) (Date) Virtual Laboratory and Learning Process Introduction Virtual laboratories are a solution to meet the challenges in higher education like lack of resources, scarcity of good teachers and sharing of costly resources between institutions.


Biotechnology, biomedical engineering and bio informatics which are some of the most relevant subjects in biology are most benefitted from internet and its associated technologies. Topics from these spheres of biology which are difficult to comprehend is simplified and illustrated in virtual laboratories. Moreover this enables remote operation of the same experiment by the student either simultaneously or at a different time. Virtual Laboratory Experiments through the web stimulate the interest and curiosity of the student thus providing opportunity for learning advanced concepts through remote experimentation. Different experiments in biology are dealt in virtual laboratories with the same feel and originality as in a real laboratory. The theory and procedure of the experiment is well described and the steps demonstrated through animation makes learning easy and more intelligible. Most of the equipments used in labs have computer interface and data storing. Through the virtual laboratory it is possible to provide the result of the experiment to the the student through the computer interface. A topic like ‘genetic testing of cancer’ can be interestingly articulated and expressed by using the virtual laboratory. Virtual laboratories are an effective tool in distance education. It circumvents the difficulties in setting up a traditional laboratory with many expensive equipments and instruments. ...
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