Formal Letter to the legislative representative

Formal Letter to the legislative representative Essay example
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SEXUAL ORIENTATION CHANGE EFFORT BILL Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Adam B. Schiff California District 28 Zip code 90210 Beverly Hills CA Office of the Chair, California Beverly Hills residents association Zip code 90210 Beverly Hills CA Dear Sir This is a follow-up letter from the residents of California to your office regarding the ‘Sexual orientation change effort bill’ as earlier proposed.


Our concern was triggered by the numerous reports that hit the news headlines in the past regarding rising number of minors who easily access sexual conversion therapies especially in California. Therefore, our bill was not political but conversely had the interest of banning the therapies due to the notable effects on the minors. Conversion therapies refer to systematic efforts that change the sexuality of an individual from a male either to a female or vice versa. Such include psychological approaches, religious approaches and medical operations all of which seek to change an individual’s sexuality. Several facilities in the country offer such to adults who willingly seek the services. The service providers thus explain the potential ramifications of changing one’s sexuality. However, children who fall prey to such practices are extremely young members of the society who do not possess the mental stability and maturity to endure the implications of such operations and make sound judgments about the issues. While the sexual orientation change effort are legitimate practices that help adults make decisions, they require effective governance to caution the society from misuse by unscrupulous members of the society. ...
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