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NURSING ETHICS 1.0. Introduction People may ascribe various meanings to ethics, but it would be safe and generally acceptable to declare as Beauchamp and Children (as cited in Butts and Rich, 2005) believe that ethics is a way to understand and evaluate moral life.


Moreover, nurses should combine intelligent decision-making with moral character so that ethical dilemmas can be resolved compromising neither the patients’ well-being nor the integrity of the nursing profession (Butts and Rich, 2005). The nature of the nursing profession makes social connections practically unavoidable. These social connections also make moral and ethical choices which may affect other people inevitable (Butts and Rich, 2005). The various meaning describes to ethics provided the impetus for the different professions to document and enforce the acceptable norms of practice in their respective spheres. Diversity and geography eventually further necessitated different countries or states to delimit the standard professional practice in more vivid detail. Additionally, the scope of professional practice, like in nursing, is delineated into a legal scope of practice and a scope based on education, training in experience (Small, 2009). In the United States, for example, as cited in Small (2009), the scope of nursing practice may differ from one state to another. This paper will compare nursing ethics as practiced in the states of Florida and California. 2.0. ...
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