WHO considers vaccination to be a primary intervention in the preventation of disease and promotion of wellbeing. - Essay Example

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WHO considers vaccination to be a primary intervention in the preventation of disease and promotion of wellbeing.

Immunology commences as a component of microbiology; in fact, this is a study of infections illnesses to which the human body responds to have a significant role in establishment of immunology (WHO, 2012). Apparently, immunology entails a concept of germ theory, which is related to a disease contributing to the field of immunology. On the other hand, vaccination involves biological measures, which are derived from living organisms (WHO, 2012). In this case, these measures are aimed at enhancing immunity against disease, prevent diseases through prophylactic vaccines, or offer treatment for illnesses through therapeutic vaccines (Hanekom, 2005, 21). These vaccines are in liquid form, which is injected, orally administered or through intranasal routes. Vaccines entail disease causing microorganism or components, which are administered into the human body. 2. Outline three Countries considered high risk for diseases transmission and the approx % persons travelling to these Countries each year (using WHO). The economic conditions in developing countries makes a third of the population, which is approximately 1.3 billion to live on low daily incomes that is below the poverty line of one dollar (WHO, 2012). There are other problems involving children malnourishment; in fact a fifth of these children are not immunized after a period of one year. Furthermore, 30% of the world’s population suffers due to inaccessibility to essential treatment (WHO, 2012). ...
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Immunology refers to study of molecules, cells organs and systems, which facilitate identification and disposal of foreign materials. Immunology commences as a component of microbiology; in fact, this is a study of infections illnesses to which the human body responds to have a significant role in establishment of immunology (WHO, 2012)…
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