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Patient Narrative Name Institution More often than not, nurses encounter situations where they are presented with patients experiencing medical problems, as well as psychological symptoms. It is quite beneficial for nurses to understand grief and reaction processes…


The Department of Health, (DoH, 2007, pg 41), on the other hand, defines health as being a subjective state of being contended, comfortable, healthy, happy, and satisfied with quality of one’s life. The two definitions seem more holistic to an individual while appearing to support the biopsychosocial model (Spury, L, 2008). The biomedical model was developed in the late 19th century. The model states that individuals are not responsible for their illness and that the body and the mind work independently from each other. The model, therefore, proposes that illnesses are brought about by the physical entities, such as biochemical imbalances, viruses, injuries and bacteria. However, Physiology is seen as the most fundamental cause for injuries, and illness. It becomes apparent, therefore, that a biomedical viewpoint then appears to ignore cultural background of the patient, the influence of patient’s mental states, as well as the social relationships of the patient (Stever, G, 2011). The bio psychological model can be used in exploring the perception of a patient, concerning her ill health and perception. A Patient narrative highlights and offers in-depth understanding of an ailing person’s life besides malady’s history (Herman, D, 2011). ...
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