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Running Head: nursing Leadership [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Introduction Relationships play an important and crucial role in enhancing the personal and professional appeal of individuals in a significant manner (Crawford, 2005).


The scenario is based on the situation where I, as a leader; having conflict with a nurse who does not want to be team player. Based on the scenario three different roles being stated above have been highlighted and discussed in a precise and logical manner. From the Observer’s Point of View Healthcare institutions require people driven by passion and compassion in order to serve the healthcare needs of people. In order to make them think like this, leadership plays an important and crucial role. Being operating as the leader in the healthcare center, it was my role to align sources and resources in a positive manner along with enhancing their capabilities and abilities to make them highly valuable in terms of rendering their services to the society and people. There were a number of people working in the healthcare center based in Los Angeles having different goals and objectives. The goals and objectives of the healthcare center was based on offering high quality healthcare services to the patients along with making them feel cared and better in every sense. The goals and objectives of the healthcare center were communicated to the employees working in the center. However, at times, there were some clashes in the personal and professional goals of employees working in the healthcare center. ...
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