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Literature Review for Nursing Research Ambika Chacko Western Governors 10/1/13 Task 2 Problem statement The level of health literacy among patients is a major concern to various health professionals because of the impacts that it has on the medication processes.


The physician may have coined this leads to increased cases of alteration of the original medical instruction as. The increased lawsuit cases against healthcare institutions charged with malpractices is attributed to patient’s inability to process and comprehend medical information from nurses (Nutbeam, 2000). This problem therefore affects the administration of nursing facilities as it does the nurses and the patients due to the financial commitments they have to make during these lawsuits. Health literacy among patients is thus a problem whose impacts affect a wide group of individuals with impacts that can cost a life, affect the image of a facility or even break the career of a nursing professional. Based on the impacts of this problem, the formulation of solutions and methods of improving the literacy levels of patients should be developed promptly. The complexity of health issues continue to rise and this makes it significant to create methods of providing prompt solutions to the problem to help mitigate the impacts that it has in the nursing profession and the entire health profession (Scheckel, Emery and Nosek, 2010). Symptoms of problem Health literacy has no direct correlation with educational literacy as many may believe and this has resulted into lack of development of proper methods of addressing the problem. ...
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