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Becoming Influential

Second, this could mean lower-cost and in-time PHC delivery to a broader population. Third, it will remove or at least lessen the legal barriers, caused by different state laws that hinder APNs to provide PHC (Hansen-Turton et al., 2010; Safriet, 2011). Lastly, it will give the nursing profession the due recognition that has long been denied of it. As such, I hope; my message will accomplish three things: First, it will convince our policy makers address the legal barrier that only they can resolve in order to make the Affordable Care Act truly realizable. Second, it will allay lingering fears among the general public regarding APNs’ competence and reliability as PHC providers. Lastly, it will challenge APNs to continue improving and loving their profession in order to achieve the respect and recognition they long sought for. Deciding on How to Share My Message Being an ordinary nurse, I don’t think that sending a personal letter to President Obama or anyone in the US Congress will be influential. ...
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Becoming Influential: A Nurse’s Perspective University Name Becoming Influential: A Nurse’s Perspective Deciding on My Message After some thoughtful searching, I choose the issue that will greatly impact in transforming the US healthcare system (USHCS) to become more accessible and cost-effective and at the same time will educate the public on the key role the nursing profession plays in keeping the USHCS functional…
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