Holistic Care of Older Adults.

Holistic Care of Older Adults. Research Paper example
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When I first came to the United States, I was not very good in English, which made it very hard for me to go through school without encountering problems. My sponsor was able to realize this, and it when she recommended that I get a separate english tutor who happened to be D.A.


D.A. is an 88 year old white male living with his wife and two grandsons in Forest Hill, Texas. He was born in Anniston, Alabama the third born of four children. After the demise of his father, D.A’s mother moved them to Abilene, Texas. His childhood was tough following his father’s demise and his mother lack of a better job. His education, however, was secured due to his best grades, which landed him several scholarships. He became a high school teacher in Abilene, where he also met his wife and was blessed with three children. He had not experienced significant illness in his life apart from one time when he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis at age 63, but he was able to get the right treatment. Aside from his childhood family struggles D.A. is content that, he has lived a good and successful life.
Analysis of the Life Review Interview

Through science, we are able to learn that the human body undergoes various changes as we age. This knowledge is necessary to the nursing profession as it offers more information on how nursing care should be assessed, planned, and delivered (Nursing Center, 2013). In the current health care setting, nurses are caring for more adults, aged 65 and above, more than any other age group. This situation, therefore, requires that more nurses be equipped with extra knowledge and skills; to be able to care for this population. This however poses a huge problem as less than one percent of nurses are taught these skills in school (Nursing Center, 2013). ...
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