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Title: Healthcare Ethics Student’s name: Course name: Instructor’s name: Date of submission: Abstract Practicing nurses are required to abide by stringent ethical and legal regulations due to sensitivity and complexity of nature of their professions. From maintaining privacy to ensuring autonomy of patients, healthcare professionals must take reasonable steps to stimulate change and support transition process.


Introduction & Background Nursing is a highly critical profession and involves significant ethical implications. These healthcare issues are very complex and require concrete awareness and analytical skills to overcome them effectively. The vitality comes from the fact that the ultimate customer in this profession is a patient whose survival and life depends on quality of healthcare services. Therefore, slight miscalculation and breach of ethical duties might result in deterioration of health and, in extreme cases, death. Practicing nurses must be well trained and knowledgeable in order to perform their obligations efficiently and need to be constantly supervised and mentored to prevent errors and non-compliance. Issues and proposed solutions There are various ethical issues involved in healthcare industry and nursing practice. Caretaking of patients, coming from diversified backgrounds, requires careful consideration of moral implications. Nurses must be fair and unbiased in their duties, giving equal service to all patients regardless of their financial status, gender or ethnicity. ...
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