Critically discuss the importance, applicability and effectiveness of nurse leaders' use of the five major conflict resolution

Critically discuss the importance, applicability and effectiveness of nurse leaders
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Significance of Conflict Resolution Management Strategies by Nurse Managers Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Conflict is inevitable in people’s daily personal and professional lives; however, at the center of every conflict are the basic human needs since conflict occur when people needs are not met or inconsistent opposition of the needs of others.


In contemporary healthcare settings, nurse leaders refer to every registered nurse including normal registered nurse, nurse supervisor, nurse unit manager, clinical nurse specialist, clinical nurse educator and director of nursing (Stanley, 2006). Nursing leadership involves the ability to build a vision that guides health career workers toward attaining the vision while maintaining collaboration, commitment and effectiveness in delivering excellent patient care (Bally, 2007). Once leaders understand the several approaches and reactions to conflict, helps them in being able to handle and deal with conflict better as it arises. Several experts identified ways in which people respond to conflict one of which is tool that identifies 5 ways people respond to conflict determined the need to maintain or improve relationship with others. Nursing profession bases on collaborative relations with colleagues and patients, which necessitates working closely with other people with various backgrounds and cultures. Diversity in individuals within the profession can potentially affect their relations resulting in conflict; however, good communication from nurse managers with conflict resolution skills significantly reduces risks of conflict. ...
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