Legal Aspects Of Nursing

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Name Course Institution Instructor Date Legal aspects of nursing Patient safety in medical field is the greatest and paramount thing that practicing professionals as well as the legal frameworks strive earnestly to realize in the day-to-day operations. Failure to observe patient safety results to lengthy stay in the hospital by patients, permanent injures as well as even death.


These include the rushing of the patient to a health care facility as the fire rescue does when he brings Mr. Ibrahim into the hospital. This is a safety principle, which ensures that patients receive the right attention from qualified personnel, which would be effective in saving the life of such a patient. The police officer at the scene of accident reported to have taken the test of alcohol content in the patient’s blood system which can be seen as a safety principle which would not only assist the medical practitioners in handling the patient but also would be necessary for any legal suit that would follow. Upon reaching the hospital, the patient showed no sense of cooperation and this made the medical staff to secure his cooperation through restraining him by use of wrist restraints and a poesy vest. This was a safety principle in that through this, the patient would minimize movements, which had a higher capacity of worsening the injuries that he sustained, and at the same time allow the medical staff to complete on comprehensive assessment of the patient. It was necessary as through such measures, the nurses and other medical staff in contact with the patient would have ample information as regards the patient s for efficiency in treating him. ...
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