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Assessment 3: Case Study Client Assessment Geriatric nursing care involves painstaking observation of the patient, and administration of therapeutic modalities aimed at treating the disease condition as well as the complicated psychological state of the patient.


Healing is especially a problematic issue in the elderly patient due to the characteristic age related changes in skin texture and altered processes of wound healing as compared to the young (Gosain & Dipietro, 2004). The particular patient selected for assessment belongs to this category. The patient is an 80 years old man, with an established diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), history of smoking and having suffered a severe shingles attack in the past. History taking is an art which needs to be mastered by every nursing professional. Five stages involved in taking proper history of a patient have been described in the Calgary Framework (Lloyd & Craig, 2007). The five stages include proper explanation to the patient and planning in advance, aiding the patient for accurate recall and comprehension of the situation, achievement of a shared understanding between the patient and the nurse, proper planning through shared decision making and closing the consultation amiably (Lloyd & Craig, 2007). Unhelpful interview techniques involving questions which are too probing, offensive, misleading or inappropriate are expressly prohibited by the Calgary Framework. The framework advises against the use of defensive responses and tendency to jump to conclusions. ...
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