Application of nursing theory to clinical practice

Application of nursing theory to clinical practice Essay example
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Application of Nursing Theory to Clinical Practice Name Course Tutor Date Application of Nursing Theory to Clinical Practice The nursing practice applies various theories and models in the provision of care. The McGill Model is one of the theories that apply in the nursing practice.


Ultimately, the paper will detail what I like about the McGill nursing model and the challenges experienced in applying the model in the delivery of nursing care. The McGill Model of Nursing The McGill nursing model is a health promotion model based on the idea of nursing as a significant field in the provision of health care. Dr. Moyra Allen guided the formulation of the theory between 1922 and 1996 (Ingram School of Nursing, 2012). The theory seeks to promote the well-being of the society and the provision of health care to patients, in their family constructs (Austin & Boyd, 2010). Ideally, the developed McGill model of nursing appreciates the role of nurses to patients and their families. Researchers initially referred to it as the Allen Model but renamed it to McGill model through empirical research (Creek & Mooney, 2012). The theory serves two important purposes in the nursing practice where it addresses people’s health and the overall welfare of the society. The theory adopts three assumptions in its application. It assumes that families have the potential to strengthen a person’s endeavors towards a state of wellness through motivation, psychological support, or financial support. It also assumes that there is a relationship between family-based efforts towards health care and the success in family care programs. ...
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