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culturally competent care

This means that the department of veteran affairs is forced to meet with the needs of many soldiers over a prolonged time period- something which has forced it to expand in order to cater for the needs of various ex-soldiers from different ethnic backgrounds. There is a reason why army veterans require specialized care. Military service members do not face the same challenges as other members of the society. Their very job requires them to put their lives in danger constantly whenever the country is engaged in a conflict with a different nation. Many times, the challenges that soldiers face are life-threatening and require immediate specialized care. Some of these injuries include gunshot wounds, lost limbs, wounds caused by shrapnel and head injuries that affect a soldier’s daily functions or even speech and thought patterns. Military service members may also be exposed to environmental pollutants like harmful chemicals used by the opposing army, contaminated water and biological weapons. There are also the mental stresses of being in a war. Being separated from one’s family and friends for an extended period of time is a difficult thing for any ordinary human being. ...
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Nursing Culturally Competent Care Name Institution Date Nursing Culturally Competent Care Analysis of Department of Veterans Affairs Richmond VA Introduction The department of Veterans Affairs is a government authorized establishment that has traditionally served soldiers enrolled in the United States army after completing their period of service for the nation…
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