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High mortality rate Name University Date High mortality rate I have chosen to address the high adult and child mortality rate in the Republic of Angola. The basic reasons for my choice of Angola are partly because some of my relatives have been living in Angola for quite some times and partly because Angola is still in the early stages of rebuilding herself since the end of civil war in 2002 which lasted for 27 good years.


It`s between Democratic Republic of the Congo who is 2,511 km to the east and Namibia who is also 1,376 km to the south. Zambia is also 1,110 km away to the east of Angola (James, 2004). Population Angola population has grown for the past fifty years with a total population of 20.6 million people recorded by the year 2012. It hit an all time high of 20.60 Million by the 2012 which was a record low of 5.01 Million people in December of 1960. The population of this African country represents 0.28 percent of world?s total population. This may statistically imply that at least a person in every 355 people in the world is an Angolan. Angola experiences a population growth rate of 2.7 percent as revealed in 2012. It`s worth noting that Angola has numerous indigenous ethnic groups. However, there exist only three prominent ethnic groups who make up majority of the Angola population. The highest ethnic group is Ovimbundu tribe who make up 37 percent of the Angola population. Second in the rank is the Mbundu tribe who has also been existence for quite a long time. They represent about 22 percent of the population. Finally, the third largest ethnic group in Angola is the Bakongo. ...
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