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The Unconscious Patient Name Institution The Unconscious Patient Qn 1. Causes of unconsciousness Unconsciousness is reported when an individual cannot respond to some stimuli and seems to be asleep, either for a short or long time. In most cases, this condition is brought forward by complications arising from alcohol or drug abuse, injuries, or major illnesses.


Just like Spencer takes 4-6 cans of beer in a day, any other individual who takes alcohol at this rate may be at risk of being unconscious Major illnesses Apart from alcoholism and substance abuse, short term unconsciousness may also be experienced in some individuals. This may be caused by low blood sugar levels, dehydration, or momentary low blood pressure. Other causes include coughing very hard, straining at some stage in bowel movement, or very fast breathing; also called hyperventilating. However, as far as Spencer is concerned, unconsciousness may be caused by serious nervous or heart system problems since his history shows he suffers from Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). This is a medical emergency that entails chest discomfort or pain as a result of unstable angina or a heart attack. Qn 2. Julia used AVPU as a fast primary assessment followed by Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) to assess the level of unconsciousness for Spencer’s case. GCS is a frequently used assessment tool if an individual is unconscious, has a head injury, or is in a coma. There are three things that GCS reviews to evaluate the level of unconsciousness. They include verbal response, movement, and eye response. ...
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