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Government policy decision on medicare/medicaid - Essay Example


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Government policy decision on medicare/medicaid

This bill was/ is enacted in order to reform the medical care sector. The bill was signed by American president Obama and passed into law in 2010 by congress. The law known as Obama Care Ruling advocates for easy and cheap health services mainly to the poor and disabled people. This program known as Medicaid program is supported by the central and state government. The main idea is that every individual should have a medical insurance cover and a penalty is charged to those who disobey the law. In one way or the other, the American government is forcing its citizens to buy medical insurance since 1% percentage on income in form of tax is charged to those who resist. This tax penalty is increasing each year with a certain proportion. This ruling requires even those with private insurance to enroll wit health care insurance so that they can enjoy the benefits (Maioni, 1998). Members of the states opposing this law will lose their contribution to medical care insurance since it is not forcing anyone. Some of the states which are against the Medicaid are; Dakota, Texas, Iowa, Kansas. Ohio, South Carolina among others. This means that the state members will have difficulties in accessing proper medical services and if accessible, at a higher cost. States like Massachusetts which was the pioneer of the idea in 1996 has some benefits to show. One of them being decrease in states’ costs and 98% of its members are under health insurance. This drastic improvement is due to increase in businesses

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offering health covers to people. Additionally, the law is benefiting other entrepreneurs like private insurance providers who have increased the pool of risks (Lundy and Janes, 2009). The increase in number of people buying medical insurance has resulted to benefits to insurance providers. Due to these benefits, they are advocating for the law to be implemented and ensure all citizens have medical insurance. It is estimated that 16 million Americans will be under cover if many states support the bill (Quadagno, 2005). Positive effect The Medicare Health Plan provides all Medicare services to those people who register with it. Some of the services include Programs of All types of Care to the aged and Elderly (PACE), Medicare Cost Plans and Pilot Programs (Greenwald, 2010). The Medicare Plan covers all emergency cases and critical problems. This ensures that the affected will not struggle looking for finances to cover their bills. Some of the problems faced by the aged are included in Medicare plan which include hearing, vision, dental among others. These are some of the benefits for those who enroll with Medicare program enjoy. In addition, the medical care sector enjoys some benefits of the plan in a way. For example, the practitioners and nurses are relieved the problem of payment by the patients. Since the plan covers the elderly and the poor, being the people who have difficulty in clearing their medical bills, the government comes in and such bills are cleared. This relieves the medical sector unnecessary debts from patients which hinders proper medical services due to outstanding bills. Negative effect Laboratory charges on Medicare directly affect the physicians’ fees (Committee on Medicare Payment Methodology for Clinical Laboratory Services, Division of Health Care Services, Institute of Medicine, 2000). This is due to the fact that laboratory spending is not


Government Policies on Health Care Name: University: Introduction Government in the process of making, amending and implementing laws and policies relating to national issues do affect other organizations and institutions directly or indirectly. Among the bodies affected are the medical care field and other related bodies…
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Government policy decision on medicare/medicaid essay example
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