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Report Executive Summary Mrs. P has an infection in the leg for around 4 weeks and the wound does not show any sign of healing. In this regard, Mrs. P consulted with a medical practitioner. Doppler is identified to be an effective assessment tool for examining leg ulceration…

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Additionally, health education is offered to health care workers and patients so that treatment and care is offered appropriately for quick recovery. Health education will also facilitate in developing trust with physicians and treatments offered. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 1. Introduction and Rationale for the Study 5 2. Doppler Assessment - Background Information Regarding Doppler 6 2.1 Evidence in Support 6 6 2.2 Potential Disadvantages 7 7 2.3 Barriers to Implementation 7 3. Underpinning Policy 8 3.1 RCN 8 3.2 SIGN 8 3.3 CREST 9 3.4 Local Trust Policies 9 9 4. Health Education 10 4.1 Implications for the Patient 10 10 4.2 Secondary Intervention as Aids Treatment Decisions, How? 10 10 4.3 Implications for the Trust 10 5. Conclusions 11 5.1 Effective in Aiding Diagnosis 11 5.2 Limitations if used in Isolation 11 5.3 Risk of Misinterpretation 11 5.4 Referral for Vascular Assessment 12 6. Recommendations 12 6.1 Continue to use Doppler 12 6.2 Use in Conjunction with Leg Ulcer Assessment Tool 13 6.3 Ensure Programme of Education is Available for Staff 13 6.4 Ensure Patients Are Educated With Regard To Symptoms and When to Have Doppler Assessment 13 References 15 Bibliography 20 1. Introduction and Rationale for the Study Mrs. P has a wound in her legs for 4 weeks and there was no sign of heal with normal medication and care. On diagnosis by a vascular surgeon, it is identified that Mrs. P has leg ulceration. Moreover, Mrs. ...
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