Vision for the future of the nursing profession

Vision for the future of the nursing profession Assignment example
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Any profession, regardless of scope must necessarily integrate with the need for change and evolution. This is done as a means of keeping vision and strategy in line with pressing needs and changes within the future environment. As such, the following brief analysis will provide and propose something of a vision for the nursing profession with regards to such factors as demographic shift, alternative medicine, due to changes within technology and science, projected changes in challenges to nursing education, and the challenge of continuing to integrate professional nursing institutions with the needs of their stakeholders.


As a means of being prepared for these externalities, the nursing professional can be more attuned to the way in which personal awareness and key changes can impact upon the profession as a whole. Accordingly, the first determine which will be discussed, the changes to demographics, genetic issues, and the increasing use of alternative medicine, it must be within the consciousness of the medical healthcare professional to be mindful of the fact that changing demographics of medical care mean that a far larger percentage of the elderly will begin to make up the majority of those individuals treated by the healthcare profession in the near future. Such a simple statement of fact is merely with regards to the understanding that the baby boomer generation has neared retirement and will likely place a heavy strain upon the available staffing resources. In much the same way, genetic issues must also be taken seriously due to the rapid increase in understanding of the science and biology surrounding these. ...
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