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sleep and sleep disturbance factors among critically ill patients

In this regard, general adaptation syndrome was derived at after the three adaptive phases were brought together; alarm reaction, resistance stage as well as exhaustion stage. The process of adaptation was labeled general since it is argued to be produced by agents with general effect. Adaptive involves stimulation that helps in the maintenance of state of inurement. At alarm stage, generalized stimulation of the nervous system is believed to be automatic stimulation in the initial stages of the alarm reaction. An occurrence of nonspecific breakdown takes place at this stage. Nevertheless, a counter shock phase is recorded if the stressor continues (Nevid, 2009). This stage is characterized by increased heart beat rate, blood pressure, and alertness among others. On the other hand, resistance stage occurs when there is a reduction in the alarm reaction. This is where developmental adaptation takes place. Even with the stress is noted, at this stage, there is an immense attempt to maintain proper functioning of the body (Hesson & Olpin, 2013). In the last stage, exhaustion stage, if the organism is unable to get back into its normal status, the stage of exhaustion takes place. At this point, the initial characteristics of the alarm stage occur while there little effort to counter the stressor. ...
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Sleep and Sleep Disturbance Factors among Critically Ill Patients Name: University: Introduction Selye stress theory stipulates on the causal triggers of stress. Selye (1936) observed that patients with different health problems had certain responses that were triggered by the health problems…
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