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Nursing Assignment A comprehensive understanding of the regulations that guide nursing practice is essential for the successful handling of all types of patients. According to Brammer (2008), it is important for student nurses to be paired with registered nurses when they perform their first care responsibilities towards their assigned patients in order to benefit from the advice given by the more experienced nurses.


It is important for nurses to learn of the ethical principle of autonomy and how to implement it in the nursing situation (Midgley 2006). The right to autonomy is one of any patient’s ethical rights in a situation where they are under the care of medical personnel (Somerville and Keeling 2004). In this case, the registered nurses had the responsibility of overseeing or supervising the work of their mentees while also ensuring that their professional responsibilities were fulfilled. Another ethically based nursing principle, beneficence, holds that nurses should act with kindness, charity, and mercy towards their patients (Myrick and Yonge 2005). This basically means that nurses should not bring additional harm to their patients. A third ethical principle, nonmaleficence, has to do with avoiding a situation where a patient is caused unintentional harm (Curtin 2005). Another ethical principle in nursing practice is veracity (Dalton 2005). Veracity basically refers to truth telling in all situations. ...
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