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Essay example - Bullying and harassment can be a problem in healthcare workforce culture. Create a position statement addressing the role of the

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Bullying and Harassment in Healthcare Name University Name Introduction: Bullying and harassment in healthcare workforce culture are not only common incidents in the present times, but also create significant conflicts in an organization among its members…

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Dealing with such issues is primarily necessary in order to develop a healthy work culture within the organization (Bullying and harassment at work: a good practice guide for RCN negotiators and health care managers, n.d., p.1). The present study addresses the role of healthcare organizations and their team members in response to issues arising from bullying and harassment, relevantly discussing on the ANMC competencies as well. Bullying and Harassment in Healthcare Organization: Bullying generally involves making wrong use of one’s power to frighten or hurt the feelings of others who are less powerful. Such behavior is usually malicious and insulting in nature, and nurses in organization are most commonly the victims of such behaviors. Harassment is essentially different from bullying in that it involves intentionally affecting the self-respect of men and women working in organizations. Bullying and harassment are either targeted to individuals or they may affect individuals in groups. Although effects of such acts might vary with individuals, but in general, they negatively affect the self-respect and esteem of individuals and make it difficult for them to effectively perform while they are present in the organization (Barber, 2012, pp.299-300). ...
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