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Assignment 7

This paper will also seek to come up with expected outcomes, how to implement these outcomes, and how to assess the changes after initial implementation of the expected findings. Data Collection and Measurement The research will utilize a demographic survey and focus groups in order to collect required data. The use of a short survey was made in obtaining self-reported information with regards to the perception of nurses to interpersonal relationships with their patients (Anderson, 2006). During and following each session, field notes and PI observations were made to complement analysis of voice data that is digitally recorded. Observation will also be used to study the nurses in the focus groups in order to compare, as well as validate, the information discussed in the sessions, as well as to observe the interpersonal interactions between patients and staff. An observation guide will give consistent items that each of the nurses will be observed for. The observed behavior of patients and nurses will be recorded. For the survey questions under investigation, a comprehensive measurement summary will be given by the qualitative descriptive method. The interviews will be transcribed verbatim. ...
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Bedside Reporting Name: Institution: BEDSIDE REPORTING Introduction Bedside reporting’s main purpose is the communication of vital information that is important in patient care (Anderson, 2006). However, the role of the nurse is very important and earlier research has shown that, among nurses, information is not consistent…
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