Risk management of a schizophrenic patient on an Adult ward

Risk management of a schizophrenic patient on an Adult ward Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Risk management of a schizophrenic patient on an Adult ward Introduction Schizophrenia is a severe and a chronic brain disorder that affects a large number of people. Patients with this disorder may hear sounds other people cannot hear.


Schizophrenic patients may sit for many hours without moving or talking. They sometimes seem fine until they say what they are thinking. Many people with this illness may be unable to hold a job or take care of themselves. Such people depend on others for help hence affecting families and societies. Moreover, Treatment facilitates in minimizing many schizophrenia symptoms, but many people with this disorder cope with such symptoms throughout their entire lives. However, schizophrenic people may fortunately live a successful and meaningful live in their societies. Researchers are trying to develop medications that are more significant and employing effective research tools to determine the cause of schizophrenia. This may assist in preventing and curing the illness in future. The main purpose of this essay is to demonstrate a critical understanding of the ways that multidisciplinary teams and adult nurses employ to minimize risk of schizophrenia disorder to individuals and the public. In care of schizophrenia patients, nurses only make use of interventions, which are not effective since these interventions only targets on the illness symptoms. Nurses in adult wards should make use of more holistic view, which concerns with the patient’s quality of life (QoL). Thus in an adult ward, too, there is need to come up with intervention through which the patient’s life quality is best supported. ...
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