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Role of Nurses in counteracting Depression in Children Name Institution Role of Nurses in counteracting Depression in Children Introduction The nurse is an assistant who has a duty and responsibility of conducting and applying prescribed treatment. The abovementioned definition of nursing profession is taken as standard with its inconsistencies and inadequacies (Staggers & Thompson, 2002).


However, the elder patients are believed to view and imagine nursing staff as their own daughters. In developed nations relationships among children and parents have significantly deteriorated and therefore, elders are becoming lonely and depressed (Werner, 1993). Nevertheless, all patients from different age groups are famous for practically loving their medical staff. But, in case of children, the job of nurses gets tough and challenging because psychologically, one has to become a child in order to play with a junior and because of this reason, it is recommended in multiple studies that nurses with a special kind of personality should be assigned to the children ward. Most of the nurses are notorious for having rude and rough behaviors because they are living under such level of emotional and psychological stress that they become unstable to say the least. But, again when it comes to treating children nurses are supposed to transform healing into a game so that the children’s fear can be circumvented (Swanson & Wojnar, 2004). ...
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