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Nursing articles on HIV [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Nursing articles on HIV Boudreau, M. E., & Fisher, C. M. (July 01, 2012). Providing Effective Medical and Case Management Services to HIV-Infected Youth Preparing to Transition to Adult Care.


For a research to take place it is necessary that a proper organized structure is developed which is then followed by the entire team. Likewise in nursing research it is of utmost importance that before beginning the research, a proper organized and systemized structure is designed so that it can aid and support the research process. The article discusses that exploratory field study is one of the most common and adopted methods by nurses because this study helps us to gain information and study from real life circumstances. The study that has been explained in the article was conducted to find out the issues and problems that people living in New York having human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome have to suffer and deal with. The study was only restricted to those patients who were under home care. The article gives an entire analysis of the study and what has been concluded from the study. The article is very informative as it gives detailed information about the nursing research method of study i.e. exploratory field study. The article explains the entire process of initiating and conducting this research and then analyzing and deducing results from the data that is collected through the research. ...
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