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According to Pauly et al. in their article “Framing the issues: Moral Distress in Health Care” there has been a growing concern regarding moral distress in health care. Moral distress is believed to be having serious short and long term consequences which in turn influences safety and competency of quality healthcare.


Moral distress affects all the healthcare providers across the board in different healthcare settings making it a serious issue in the healthcare sector. Although moral distress is defined differently depending on different fields it primarily acquaints itself with ethical perspective of health practice. Upholding professional values, responsibilities and duties remains vital and are strongly affected by moral distress. Some of the negative impacts of moral distress in healthcare include emotional distress, withdrawal of self from patients, inadequate patient care, and job dissatisfaction or may be attrition in nursing (Pauly, Varcoe & Storch, 2012). Moral distress is argued by some researchers that it can change the position of nurses regarding the particular situation or ethical requirements. At times the nurses’ demands of providing care may affect the healthcare providers by prompting them to cease their profession which is actually a serious concern. Research on moral distress in nursing faces various challenges such as lack of conceptual clarity and perpetuation or meta-narration regarding the identity of nursing as a profession. Generally there is insufficient conceptual and theoretical clarity of moral distress in the healthcare sector. ...
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