Developing an Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Evidence

Developing an Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Evidence Essay example
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Assignment 2 Disseminating of Project Outcome to Stakeholders and Greater Nursing Community The survey would be conducted for the purpose of acquiring an apparent view about the effectiveness of the implemented solutions for dealing with workplace stress that often experiences by the nurses along with other various healthcare professionals.


This will be performed with the help of adopting along with executing certain effective strategies. It will be vital to mention that the dissemination strategy will ensure to explain the outputs and the outcomes of the survey project and how these will be beneficial for the stakeholders and other targeted institutions. Furthermore, the strategy will also include certain vital aspects of planning such as what to disseminate, to whom to disseminate along with why, how and when to disseminate the report (European Commission, 2012). Moreover, methods that are going to be implemented for disseminating the project outcome will comprise publications, conference and organization website among others. Additionally, the report of the outcome of the project will also be disseminated to the Greater Nursing Community. This will be done with the intention of enabling them to implement the similar strategies that have been depicted above in their healthcare setting in order to deal with workplace stress. The strategies will be similar to that of the processes followed while disseminating the project outcome to the stakeholders (ILO, 2009). References European Commission. (2012) Disseminating project results. Retrieved from ILO. (2009). Disseminating survey results. ...
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