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U.S Health Care System Compared with Portugal’s First name / Last name School Affiliation Course Professor Date of Submission Introduction A health care system can be said to be the organization of people, resources, and institutions so as to deliver health care services so as to satisfy target populations with their health needs.


The infant mortality rate stands at 6.5 per 1000 live births. The male life expectancy stands at 74.89 years while that of their female counterparts stands at 80.67 years (WHO 2011). The average cost of Healthcare in the United States at a cost of $5,615 for a single coverage and $15,745 for a family coverage. The average annual deductible is at $1,120 for a single coverage and at $2,075 for the family coverage. The average cost to employee enrolled in company plan is $1,225 for a single coverage and $4,316 for the family coverage (Kaiser 2013). In Portugal, the life span as of 2012 is at an average of 79.7 years. Overall, Portugal's Health care structure is rated number 12, when it comes to performance, by the WHO in a report done back in 2000. The ranking was done for all 190 countries that are members of United Nations. Nonetheless it was position 27 with regard to being expensive. Health Care Financing: Comparison between U.S. and Portugal Around 84.7% of People in America have some form of health insurance; either through their organization or the organization of their spouse or parent (59.3%), purchased individually (8.9%), or provided by government applications (27.8%) (Kaiser 2013). ...
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