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What does it mean to be a professional nurse? Nursing is a concept is really diverse and evolving and is focused upon offering care to individuals, families as well as communities in order to maintain an acceptable level of quality of life and optimum health.


For a professional nurse, it is important to have dedication, understanding and deep compassion and love for the people. Since professional nurses interact with people in need of help, it is therefore extremely important that a nurse must develop the skills of professional understanding, dedication and commitment to work and people. (American Nurses Association, 2010) What stereotypes do you believe the public has about nursing and roles nurses play?  There are many stereotypes that the nurses have to face due to misconception or lack of understanding about nursing as a profession by the general public. Nurses are commonly believes to be females and even male nurses are normally considered as effeminate. Nurses are also often portrayed as single, white and childless while also being portrayed as bimbos. General public also held the view that nurses are sex symbols and the term naught nurse is often used for the nurses also. However, nurses are increasingly playing the leadership roles with active involvement in the management as well as decision making process at the healthcare facilities. Nurses are also more professional and independent in their decision making while working alongside male nurses as well as physicians and nurses. ...
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