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United States Healthcare System versus Italy Healthcare System "Compare and Contrasting" - Essay Example


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United States Healthcare System versus Italy Healthcare System "Compare and Contrasting"

Consequently, the efficiency of health care facilities in different countries will be determined by the political forces that exist in it and the kind of policies that govern the health system. Significant determiners of the efficiency of a health system include financing, insurance policies, administration, accessibility, cost and availability of medical professionals. The essence of this essay is to compare and contrast the health care system in the US and Italy.
Health Statistics and Cost
The cost of a health care facility in a country is a matter of concern in a country as it determines the affordability of health care facility to the public. In Italy, high tax policies are used to guarantee a government funded health care facilities which ensure that any citizen in this state has a fundamental right to free health care as long as they possess a health care card. The Italian government contributes about 10% of its GDP to the health sector to improve hospitals conditions in this country. Statistics indicate that US medical cost continues to increase over time and affordability concerns are already hitting the nationalists. Despite a high spending in the health sector that amounted to 15.3% of the GDP and per capita expenditures of $6, 100, US citizens have to pay high costs to access medical services. ...
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In both US and Italy, public health care facilities are less satisfying than the private sectors due to the high number of citizens who prefer to access cheap medical services offered by the government. …
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