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Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing Introduction The nursing profession is one of the most sensitive professions and industries the world over. The nursing profession is described as sensitive because is concerns the lives of the citizenry. Though almost every profession can root its importance to the lives of humanity, nursing is actually about saving lives by promoting healthy living.


Ward (2011) argues that “a simple definition of leadership is that leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.” From this definition, we immediately see how important leadership is to any professional setup, including the nursing profession. This point is built around the fact that leadership as a principle and practice helps in the realization of the goals and ambitions of any professional setup. This means that with a very good leadership in place in the nursing profession, the all important goal of saving lives by promoting healthy living will be achieved. To achieve good leadership however, a lot more depends on the kind of leadership style that is in use as leadership is conducted in many different styles. Review of Professional Nursing Literature This component of the essay seeks to achieve two major aims. Firstly, it is to describe two different leadership styles in the nursing profession and also discuss how these two nursing leadership styles can be implemented in a professional nursing practice. In the first place, Rampur (2011) identifies two major leadership styles in the nursing profession. According to him, these leadership styles are democratic and autocratic leadership styles. ...
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