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Case Study example - Venipuncture

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Case Study
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Case study: Venipuncture Introduction The case under analysis is a situation in which a practicing nurse was unable to carry out a venipuncture procedure. She seems to lack competence in the area as seen through repeated attempts to draw blood. This is a point of concern for the practitioner as it undermines the quality of care offered to the patient…

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It requires nurses to promote the security and safety of their patients by taking care of their physical environment as well as their other needs. The purpose of this paper is to identify the source of incompetence and give recommendations on how to improve this aspect of care. Analysis of the aspect of care This case study focuses on venipuncture. A number of aspects emanate from this nurse’s experience. First, it is a good practice to talk to a patient and offer the assurance regarding the medical procedure (Lavery & Ingram, 2007). No evidence of this is present in the situation. Additionally, nurses ought to position the patient’s arm in the most favorable position. In venipuncture, this is supposed to be a straight line. Once again, it appears that the nurse skipped this step. A limit exists on the number of attempts that a nurse can perform on a patient. If two attempts have failed, one is meant to consult a senior practitioner for assistance (Harrison et. al., 2010). However, this nurse tried to do everything on her own. Caregivers need to exercise judgment when selecting the suitable vein for blood collection. It is likely that this professional did not choose the best vein to carry out the draw. She did not wait for the vein to become visible as this hampers success of the procedure. ...
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