Nutrition in the early school system

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Teaching the Significance of Healthy Nutrition Name Institution Nutrition in the early school system Introduction Research indicates that there is a lack of total awareness of healthy nutrition in the society. According to Avery, Johnson, Cousins, and Hamilton (2013), 31.8% of the children in America are overweight.


Teaching the topic in schools is more efficient than conducting campaigns because it involves parents, teachers, children, and the government. The inclusion of parents, teachers, and government is also efficient because it represents a form of Coordinated Approach to Child Health (Avery, Johnson, Cousins, & Hamilton, 2013). Schools should create wellness departments, which implement and monitor nutrition care and behavior of learners. The department is also responsible for teaching children about health issues such as eating fruits and vegetables, undertaking exercises, avoiding usage of unlawful drugs, and personal hygiene (Prelip, Kinsler, Thai, Erausquin, & Slusser, 2012). Teachers must determine the objectives of the nutrition classes before undertaking the teaching task. This ensures that the lessons achieve the desired outcomes, which consequently, lead to improved nutrition among children. The teaching methods used should also be capable of giving rise to the desired outcome. The following are examples of objectives and a teaching plan that may help a teacher to create nutrition awareness among children. Objectives i. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to identify various classes of foods, and the significance of each in the body. ii. ...
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